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How Do You Think of History? An Interview with Armstrong Undergrads

Ta’Kara Johnson – Junior, Healthcare Administration

When I think of history, I think of our past ancestors who are the foundation that our future builds on. Without the past history there would be no future endeavors. Without the trial and errors from our history there would be no achievements of tomorrow. As a child I loved it but as I got older I realized that everything you partake in has some history in it, it’s not just a subject.

Eric Beba – Senior, Information Technology

History is one of the most fundamental subjects for our education. History is our future; when we realize where we come from, how we got to where we are, and what it took to be where we are, it then helps us to not only be able to somehow picture the future, but to also shape the path that can be better for us and generations. I love history; it is amazing to me. Studying history helped me make some fundamental decisions. Learning history is like learning more about myself and the rest of humanity. Because i know my history I can comfortably stand in the middle of a crowd and make statements with confidence. Whenever I am having a political debate I have the right quote or the right example to make a point.

Brittnay Cook – Junior, Psychology

When I think about history, I think about experience. As a psychology major, I've always believed that experiences have their own part in shaping who we become and what we do, and other people's experiences influence us as well. History is a pool of lessons to be learned, and it may be past, but it’s our past that shapes our future. History has always been and always will be one of my favorite subjects. When I first came to Armstrong, I considered it as my major. Unfortunately, I had three other subjects I was considering as well, and I had to pick the best that would help me in the career that I wanted. American history is my favorite but history in general is pretty awesome. I love learning about what has shaped our culture and what drives the people. History shows us where we came from and can expose where we're going.

Kunle Lawal –Junior, Engineering

When I think about history, I think about world history, and history of different cultures around the world. Yes, I do enjoy learning history because it helps me learn about different people, cultures and keeps me from being ignorant.

Austin Jackson –Junior, Communication Sciences and Disorder

History should be diverse. I want my children to learn the stories of humanity's past within a spectrum of race and creed. History becomes interesting when stories of old are connected.

Kyle Dobson – Senior, English

History to me is the study of the past, which is to be used in the present to build a better and brighter future. By taking a closer look at historical figures as well as events, people can gain important knowledge of past mistakes and successes that allowed the world to be shaped into its current form. As a result, I personally enjoy studying history because it helps me appreciate the difficult path we as people had to walk to arrive where we are today. Furthermore, I enjoy studying history because I like to compare the past to the present. I like to find connections, but also point out the differences in time periods.

(Interviewed by Muona Malola)

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