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History in the Eyes of African Students: An Interview in Malawi

Chisomo Munthali – Senior, Education, Livingstonia University

When I think about History I think of my past events which are the good and the bad. There many events in the past that I can never forget. History is important because in this life I have lived till today things keep happening over and over again and if it didn't happen to me am sure it has happened to someone else. Because of that, history helps me in making the most important decisions in my life. In order to succeed in whatever I want to look I should first go look back into history and make a decision on that thing.

Jovinsky Kadzamira – Senior, Social Services, Chancellor College

When I think about history it personally reminds me of where I have come from and the past in general. History is very important because I believe you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you have come from, and every success is more vivid and sweeter when you know where it is coming from. Plus world history provides you with insight in what people have experienced in the past, which we can learn from. And I think history connects people around the world through shared experience, since history has an unusual way of repeating itself around the globe.

Harmony Botso – Freshman, Information Technology, The University of Malawi

History reminds me of the past and it is important to look at it in order to see the mistakes that were made so that we can improve the future. It also shows us what ways to use to succeed in life, like our forefathers used.

Gibson Thindwa –Math teacher, Mount Sinai International School, Lilongwe, Malawi

History gives you the edge to understand and appreciate the events that happened before as a proper record that will guide and help us rectify the wrongs and the don’ts that could have been avoided by act. It is also important as it helps us relate the past events in order to encounter the unpredictable present and the future. I can still remember my history, up to A-levels class.

(Interviewed by Muona Malola)

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Muona Malola, “History in the Eyes of African Students: An Interview in Malawi,” Armstrong Undergraduate Journal of History 1. no. 2 (Summer 2011).
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