Faculty and Staff Honored at 2014 Leadership Awards Ceremony

(April 15, 2014) — Armstrong honored 11 faculty and staff members at the 2014 Leadership Awards ceremony on April 9.

Armstrong president Dr. Linda M. Bleicken introduced the annual awards, which recognize the work and dedication of student teaching, research and service to the university by outstanding faculty and staff members.

The 2014 faculty honorees include:

Dr. Aaron Schrey, assistant professor of biology, received the Alumni Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the Academic Discipline. The award recognizes faculty members who contribute significantly to their academic discipline, including the creation and dissemination of new knowledge and the interpretation and/or reorganization of existing knowledge.

Dr. Cameron Coates, interim program coordinator and associate professor of engineering studies, received the Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the Community. The award recognizes the achievements of faculty members who show outstanding service to the community and specifically recognizes the use of a faculty member's academic expertise in ways that benefit the public in general.

Greg Anderson, director of academic orientation and advisement and instructor of adult education, received the Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the University. The award recognizes the achievements of faculty members who have been outstanding in serving the university, including representing or serving as an advocate of the university, at academic or other functions, through committee service, development of new resources and faculty presentations.

Sharon McCusker, part-time instructor of art, music and theatre, received the Award for Distinguished Service by a Part-Time Faculty Member. The award recognizes a part-time faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding service to the students, to the university, and/or to their discipline.

Dr. Sara Gremillion, assistant professor of biology, received the Brockmeier Faculty Award. The award is an endowment fund established by Kristina Brockmeier, former director of library services, as an expression of her lasting interest in Armstrong’s faculty and students. The award recognizes outstanding faculty members, with one to five years of service, who have demonstrated outstanding teaching and made significant contributions through service to the university and its students.

Dr. Mark Finlay, professor emeritus, was honored posthumously as a 2014 Emeriti Faculty. Dr. Finlay, a professor of history at Armstrong, was the author of Growing American Rubber (Rutgers University Press, 2009) and earned acclaim as an agricultural historian.

Dr. George Davies, professor of rehabilitation sciences, received the H. Dean Propst Award from the Student Government Association. The award recognizes faculty members who have been outstanding in teaching and learning, advisement, counseling and the encouragement and support of student involvement in academic and co-curricular activities, such as research and scholarship.

Armstrong also recognized outstanding staff at the annual Leadership Awards. Staff members honored include:

Kara Simmons, temporary assistant director of student life, received the Student Government Association Professional Staff Service Award. With this award, the SGA recognizes an administrative, non-faculty staff member who has performed outstanding service to students and/or made improvements to the quality of their campus experience.

Wynn Sullivan
, deputy chief of police, received the Volunteer Service to the Community Award. This award recognizes a full-time staff member for exemplary volunteer service to the community, beyond the scope of job responsibilities.

Susan Cooke, director of field experiences, clinical practices and partnerships in the college of education, was recognized with The Spirit of Armstrong Award. This award recognizes a full-time staff member who exemplifies the Armstrong spirit through service to students, faculty and staff.

Phyllis Fulton
, coordinator or faculty information in academic affairs, received Staff Member of the Year. This award recognizes a staff member for their valuable contribution to the community.

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