A Moveable Feast: Michael Toma

When:March 5, 2015
6:30 p.m.
Where:The Armstrong House, 447 Bull St.
Admission:FREE and open to the public.

About this event:

Do Numbers Speak for Themselves? The Liberal Arts Requirement and Savannah’s Metro Economy
Dr. Michael Toma, The Department of Economics

We are awash in data. Analytical research, however, is not merely the acquisition of data. Rather, if we hope to use it to address the complexities of important questions, we must employ finely honed critical thinking skills to scrutinize numerical patterns. Data can provide resources for analytical investigations of business phenomena, but privileging numbers alone can also hinder our quest for insight into human interactions in everyday economic transactions. This talk will explore how data both augments and clouds our vision of the workings on Savannah's metro area economy. Callaway Professor of Economics, Dr. Michael Toma, will argue that a liberal arts education serves as a crucial foundation from which to examine data-based analytical superstructures. Engaging both data collection and critical thinking, he will offer us a fuller picture of our economy's performance today and where it is likely headed tomorrow.

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